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17:55:19 Source Code scm commit: Preparing the way for a new implementation of the build-literals mechanism. Move the version-1 interpreter into old-literals.c. Also added Int64_t and Unsigned64_t typedefs. See dev-notes/new-literals.md for a description of the new-literals bytecode. (r4517)John Reppy
17:51:15 Source Code scm commit: adding some documentation (r4516)John Reppy
14:39:25 Source Code scm commit: Windows installer is now available (r4515)John Reppy
12:18:19 Source Code scm commit: revised literals note (r4514)John Reppy
22:01:00 Source Code scm commit: add note about new literal creation scheme (r4513)John Reppy
14:23:27 Source Code scm commit: Some documentation and simplified the interface to the Literals module in FLINT. (r4512)John Reppy
14:22:43 Source Code scm commit: bug fix for literal range checking. We need to do *all* overload resolution before checking ranges, since we might have literals whose type variable has been instantiated to another overloaded type varible that has not yet be resolved. (r4511)John Reppy
14:20:35 Source Code scm commit: prune type in numInfo and better tyToString (r4510)John Reppy
13:46:28 Source Code scm commit: fix typo (r4509)John Reppy
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