Label Expressions

A label expression is a constant expression defined in terms of labels. MLRISC uses the type labexp to represent label expressions. Label expressions are defined in the structure LabelExp . The datatype labexp has the following definition:
  datatype labexp = 
      LABEL of Label.label
    | CONST of int
    | PLUS of labexp * labexp
    | MINUS of labexp * labexp
    | MULT of labexp * labexp
    | DIV of labexp * labexp
    | LSHIFT of labexp * word
    | RSHIFT of labexp * word
    | AND of labexp * word
    | OR of labexp * word
In addition, the following functions are defined in labexp:
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The output has ended thus: ool</tt> -- Tests whether two label expression are lexically identical </ul> <HR> </BODY> </HTML>