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[smlnj] Diff of /MLRISC/trunk/c-call/varargs/call/marshal.sml
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Diff of /MLRISC/trunk/c-call/varargs/call/marshal.sml

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revision 3226, Thu Sep 18 03:28:24 2008 UTC revision 3227, Thu Sep 18 06:06:40 2008 UTC
# Line 89  Line 89 
89      fun marshalLocdArg ({arg, k, width, narrowing, loc, offset}, locdArgsArr) = (      fun marshalLocdArg ({arg, k, width, narrowing, loc, offset}, locdArgsArr) = (
90              set(locdArgsArr, Consts.kindOffB, Consts.kind k);              set(locdArgsArr, Consts.kindOffB, Consts.kind k);
91              set(locdArgsArr, Consts.widthOffB, W.fromInt width);              set(locdArgsArr, Consts.widthOffB, W.fromInt width);
92              set(locdArgsArr, Consts.narrowingOffB, W.fromInt (Option.getOpt(narrowing, 0)));              set(locdArgsArr, Consts.narrowingOffB, W.fromInt (Option.getOpt(narrowing, width)));
93              set(locdArgsArr, Consts.locOffB, W.fromInt loc);              set(locdArgsArr, Consts.locOffB, W.fromInt loc);
94              set(locdArgsArr, Consts.offsetOffB, W.fromInt offset);              set(locdArgsArr, Consts.offsetOffB, W.fromInt offset);
95              marshalArg(locdArgsArr, arg);              marshalArg(locdArgsArr, arg);

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