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View of /MLRISC/trunk/emit/cfgEmit.sml

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Revision 2126 - (download) (annotate)
Thu Nov 2 16:11:29 2006 UTC (12 years, 7 months ago) by blume
File size: 1325 byte(s)
moved MLRISC to toplevel
(* cfgEmit.sml
 * COPYRIGHT (c) 2001 Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
 * This module takes a flowgraph and an assembly emitter module and 
 * ties them together into one.  The output is sent to AsmStream.
 *  --Allen
 * TODO: Need to check for the REORDER/NOREORDER annotation on
 * blocks and call P.Client.AsmPseudoOps.toString function to
 * print out the appropriate assembler directive. -- Lal.

functor CFGEmit
  (structure E   : INSTRUCTION_EMITTER
		   where I = E.I
		     and P = E.S.P)  : ASSEMBLY_EMITTER = 
  structure CFG = CFG

  fun asmEmit (Graph.GRAPH graph, blocks) = let
	val CFG.INFO{annotations=an, data, decls, ...} = #graph_info graph
	val E.S.STREAM{pseudoOp,defineLabel,emit,annotation,comment,...} = 
             E.makeStream (!an)
	fun emitIt (id, CFG.BLOCK{labels, annotations=a, align, insns, ...}) = (
              case !align of NONE => () | SOME p => (pseudoOp p);
	      List.app defineLabel (!labels); 
	      List.app emitAn (!a);
	      List.app emit (rev (!insns)))
	and emitAn a = if Annotations.toString a = "" then () else annotation(a)
	  List.app emitAn (!an);
	  List.app pseudoOp (rev (!decls));
	  List.app emitIt blocks;
	  List.app pseudoOp (rev (!data))

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