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[smlnj] Diff of /MLRISC/trunk/staged-allocation/Makefile
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Diff of /MLRISC/trunk/staged-allocation/Makefile

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revision 3067, Thu Jun 5 22:18:34 2008 UTC revision 3068, Fri Jun 6 00:25:53 2008 UTC
# Line 13  Line 13 
13          ./sanity > sanity.out          ./sanity > sanity.out
14          diff -Naur main.out sanity.out          diff -Naur main.out sanity.out
16    X86_FLAGS=-m32 -march=i686 -g
18  build-x86:  build-x86:
19          ml-build $(ML_BUILD_FLAGS) ../x86/staged-allocation/sources.cm Main.main test-main          ml-build $(ML_BUILD_FLAGS) ../x86/staged-allocation/sources.cm Main.main test-main
20          sml @SMLcmdname=test-main @SMLload=test-main          sml @SMLcmdname=test-main @SMLload=test-main
21          gcc -m32 -g  -c mlrisc.s          gcc $(X86_FLAGS)  -c mlrisc.s
22          gcc -m32 -g   -c glue.c          gcc $(X86_FLAGS)   -c glue.c
23          gcc -m32 -g   -c sanity.c          gcc $(X86_FLAGS)   -c sanity.c
24          gcc -m32 -g   mlrisc.o glue.o sanity.o -o sanity          gcc $(X86_FLAGS) -S glue.c
25          gcc -m32 -g   -c main.c          gcc $(X86_FLAGS)   mlrisc.o glue.o sanity.o -o sanity
26          gcc -m32 -g   mlrisc.o glue.o main.o -o main          gcc $(X86_FLAGS)   -c main.c
27            gcc $(X86_FLAGS)   mlrisc.o glue.o main.o -o main
28          ./main > main.out          ./main > main.out
29          ./sanity > sanity.out          ./sanity > sanity.out
30          diff -Naur main.out sanity.out          diff -Naur main.out sanity.out

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