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[smlnj] Diff of /MLRISC/trunk/staged-allocation/Makefile
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Diff of /MLRISC/trunk/staged-allocation/Makefile

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revision 2991, Tue Apr 15 15:05:41 2008 UTC revision 2992, Tue Apr 15 22:30:33 2008 UTC
# Line 1  Line 1 
1  build-amd64:  build-amd64:
2            ml-build sources.cm Main.main test-main
3            sml @SMLcmdname=test-main @SMLload=test-main
4          gcc -g -m64 -c mlrisc.s          gcc -g -m64 -c mlrisc.s
5          gcc -g  -m64 -c glue.c          gcc -g  -m64 -c glue.c
6            gcc -g  -m64 sanity.c -o sanity
7          gcc -g  -m64 -c main.c          gcc -g  -m64 -c main.c
8          gcc -g  -m64 mlrisc.o glue.o main.o -o main          gcc -g  -m64 mlrisc.o glue.o main.o -o main
9            ./main > main.out
10            ./sanity > sanity.out
11            diff -Naur main.out sanity.out
13  clean:  clean:
         rm -rf *.s *.c *.o main *~ .cm  
14            rm -rf *.s *.c *.o main sanity *~ .cm *.out test-main*

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