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[smlnj] Diff of /MLRISC/trunk/x86/staged-allocation/group.cm
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Diff of /MLRISC/trunk/x86/staged-allocation/group.cm

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revision 3048, Thu May 29 22:14:42 2008 UTC revision 3049, Fri May 30 00:58:55 2008 UTC
# Line 40  Line 40 
40    functor RASpill    functor RASpill
41    functor StagedAllocationFn    functor StagedAllocationFn
42    functor IA32SVIDFn    functor IA32SVIDFn
43      functor IA32VarargCCallFn
45    structure RACore    structure RACore
46    structure ChaitinSpillHeur    structure ChaitinSpillHeur

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