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View of /archive/README

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Revision 4054 - (download) (annotate)
Wed Feb 4 20:42:42 2015 UTC (4 years, 6 months ago) by dbm
File size: 2323 byte(s)
Initial import of archive (of early versions of sml/nj)
SML/NJ Early Versions from DBM's 9-track tapes
  Pontis Systems in Chicago attempted to recover contents of nine 9-track tapes
  from Bell Labs around October 2012. Some contents was extracted from 7 of the 9 tapes.
  Most of the content is early versions of SML/NJ (1,2,3,4,5,6,11,22,35,36), but there
  are also copies of source code for Cardelli's compilers (1984) and Edinburgh
  Standard ML (1985).
Directory 36, containing SML/NJ Version 0.36, 4 July 1989 (renamed mlsave.36 for consistency).
  src appears to be complete.

Directory mlsave.22, containing mo.cps, mo.vax, and src.  (SML/NJ Version 0.22, date?)
  src is incomplete (only absyn, basics, bignums, boot). mo contains object files corresponding
  to the original source files, including those that are missing.  Tape contents
  were probably truncated.
  This may be the first version distributed outside BL/Princeton (or possibly Version 11 was first).

Directory "tape3 2" (renamed tape3).  Contains:
  dbm : dbm home directory snapshot, Dec 1986 (dates range from Aug 83 to Dec 86)
    dbm/ml contains notes, comments, etc on SML design (see e.g. edin/meeting),
    as well as pscr, Pascal source for "ML under VAX" (dated April/May 84),
    BL ML course in Sept 83.
    mlkit: Source for Pose 4.1 of Unix ML
    sml: Source for Edinbrugh SML (for VAX/Unix 4.2bsd) as of May 1985 "standardization" meeting
    news: sources for Polymorphism news letters

Directory "tape4 2". Contains:
  mlsave.4: SML/NJ Version 4, September 25 (1887)
  mlsave.5: SML/NJ Version 5, 2 October 1887
  mlsave.6: SML/NJ Version 6, 8 October 1987

tape5 - a truncated Tar archive, which unpacks to:
  mlsave.1: SML/NJ Version 1, 14 August 1987
  mlsave.2: SML/NJ Version 2, 11 September 1987
  mlsave.3: SML/NJ Version 3, 11 September 1987 (merger of Version 2 and Version 2.tyj)
  mlsave.4: incomplete copy of Version 4, containing only link and mo

Directory "tape6 2". Contains:
  mlprof.1: initial profiling version, between Versions 13 and 14
  mlsave.11: SML/NJ Version 11, 9 November 1987  (possibly distributed?)
Directory 35 (renamed mlsave.35). SML/NJ Version 35, date unknown (no Version
file), but probably first half of 1989 based on date of Version 36.

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