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[smlnj] View of /archive/mlprof.1/m68/m68gen.sml
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View of /archive/mlprof.1/m68/m68gen.sml

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Revision 4054 - (download) (annotate)
Wed Feb 4 20:42:42 2015 UTC (4 years, 5 months ago) by dbm
File size: 4879 byte(s)
Initial import of archive (of early versions of sml/nj)
(* M68 code generator for ML
   a7 : stack pointer
   d7 : exception handler
   a6 : freespace pointer
   d6 : store pointer
   a5 : profile pointer

functor M68Gen (Coder : M68CODER) : MACHINE = 

    structure M68Prim = M68prim(Coder)
    open System.Tags Coder M68Prim

    fun label lab = (pusha(Address lab); inc offset)

    fun path1 [0] = ()
      | path1 [j] = (pop(Direct a1); pusha(Displace(a1,4*j)))
      | path1 (j::more) = (pop(Direct a1); push(Displace(a1,4*j)); path1 more)

    fun path [i] = (pusha(Displace(sp,(!offset+i)*4)); inc offset)
      | path (i::more) = (push(Displace(sp,(!offset+i)*4));
			  path1 more; inc offset)

    fun const i = (push(Immed(i+i+1))
		  handle Overflow => 
		    if i mod 2 = 0
		      then (push(Immed(i+1)); 
			    addl(Immed i, Displace(sp,0)))
		      else (push(Immed i); 
			    addl(Immed(i-1), Displace(sp,0));
			    addl(Immed 2, Displace(sp,0)));
		  inc offset)

    fun squeeze() = (pop(Direct d0);
		     addl(Immed 4,Direct sp);
		     push(Direct d0);
		     dec offset)

    fun apply() =
	let val lab = newlabel ()
	in pusha(Address lab);
	   path[2 + ~(!offset),0,0]; dec offset;
	   pop(Direct a1);
	   jra (Displace(a1,0));
	   align(); emitlong 1; (* OTHERval tag *)
	   mark(); define lab;
	   addl (Immed 8,Direct sp);
	   push (Direct d0);
	   dec offset

    fun tail() =
	   addl(Immed((!offset-4)*4),Direct sp);
	   path[2 + ~(!offset),0,0]; dec offset;
	   pop(Direct a1);
	   dec offset)

    fun tailrecur you =
	 addl(Immed((!offset-3)*4),Direct sp);
	 path[2 - !offset,you]; dec offset;
	 pop(Direct a1);
	 if you <> 0 then movl(Direct a1,Displace(sp,8))
		     else ();
	 movl(Displace(a1,0),Direct a1);

    fun startswitch() = (pop(Direct d0); dec offset)
    fun boxed (boxl,defl) =
	(jra(Address defl);
	 define boxl)
    fun testboxed lab =
	(btst(Immed 0,Direct d0);
	 jeq(Address lab))
    fun endboxed defl = define defl
    fun gettag() =
	(movl(Direct d0,Direct a0);
	 movl(Displace(a0,4),Direct d0))
    fun testcase skip =
	  (pop(Direct d1);
	   cmpl(Direct d1, Direct d0);
	   jne(Address skip);
	   dec offset)
    fun testcase_int(i,skip) =
	  (cmpl(Immed(i+i+1),Direct d0)
	   handle Overflow => (const i; cmpl(Direct d0, PostInc(sp)));
	   jne(Address skip))
    fun testcase_real(lab,skip) =
	(lea(Address lab,Direct a0);
	 fmoved(Displace(a0,0),Direct(FloatReg 0));
	 movl(Direct d0,Direct a1);
	 fcmpd(Displace(a1,0),Direct(FloatReg 0));
	 fjne (Address skip))
    fun testcase_string(lab,skip,len) =
	 let fun next i = if i<len
			  then (cmpl(PostInc(a0), PostInc(a1));
			        jne(Address skip);
			  else ()
	  in lea(Address lab,Direct a0);
	     movl(Direct d0, Direct a1);
	     movl(Displace(a0,~4),Direct d2);
	     movl(Displace(a1,~4),Direct d1);
	     asrl(Immed width_tags,Direct d2);
	     asrl(Immed width_tags,Direct d1);
	     cmpl(Direct d2,Direct d1);
	     jne(Address skip);
	     next 0
    fun endcase(join,skip) =
	  (jra(Address join);
	   define skip;
	   dec offset)
    fun endswitch join = define join

    val savewords = ref 0
    fun startalloc n = (savewords := n)
    fun nextelem i = 
     if (i+1 = !savewords)
       then (pop(Direct d0); movl(Direct d0,Displace(a6,4*i)); dec offset)
       else (pop(Displace(a6,4*i)); dec offset)
    fun endrecord() =
	(movl(Immed(power_tags*(!savewords)+tag_record), Displace(a6,~4));
	 push(Direct a6);
	 lea(Displace(a6,4*(!savewords)+4), Direct a6);
	 inc offset)
    fun endclosure() =
	(movl(Immed(power_tags*(!savewords)+tag_closure), Displace(a6,~4));
	 push(Direct a6);
	 lea(Displace(a6,4*(!savewords)+4), Direct a6);
	 inc offset)

    fun select i =
	(pop(Direct a1);
    fun starthandle(handler,skip) =
	(pusha(Address handler);
	 push(Direct d7);
	 movl(Direct sp,Direct d7);
	 inc offset; inc offset)
    fun midhandle(handler,skip) =
	 pop(Direct d7);
	 jra(Address skip);
	 align(); emitlong 1; (* OTHERval tag *)
	 mark(); define handler;
	 push(Direct d0);
	 dec offset; dec offset)
    fun endhandle(handler,skip) = define skip
    fun raisexn() =
	(pop(Direct d0);
	 movl(Direct d7,Direct sp);
	 pop(Direct d7);

    fun definelabel(lab,tag) =
	 emitlong(tag+tag+1); (* tag maps the code to its lvar *)
	 define lab)
    fun return() =
	(pop(Direct d0);
    fun stringconst(s,lab) =
	(align(); mark();
	 emitlong(length s * power_tags + tag_embedded);
	 define lab;
	 emitstring s)
    val realconst = fn(s,lab) =>
	(align(); mark();
	 emitlong(8 * power_tags + tag_embedded);
	 define lab;
	 realconst s)

    fun profile(i,a) = addl(Immed a, Displace(a5,4*i))

end (* functor M68Gen *)

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