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View of /branches/charisee/ertest/vispaper/bug-report.txt

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Tue Mar 10 01:24:41 2015 UTC (4 years, 5 months ago) by cchiw
File size: 1796 byte(s)
derivative division
Everything that is pending needs to be prioritized.
*******************************  BUGS *******************************

***********************  Extend implementation *******************************
Add operators
- normalize(vector field) 	  	      	   	   		    DONE
- |vector field|			  	  		            DONE
- ∇(∇×V) , vciso2d					  		    DONE
- Add tensor and field					   		    DONE
- Subtract tensor and field				   		    DONE
- innerproduct tensor and field 					    DONE
- norm matrix 							   	    DONE
- generic norm 							   	 Pending
-generic outer product between fields					   DONE
-generic trace								Pending 

************************** Compile Time *******************************
Made copies of the files to  ertest/test2.
use cmd sh run.sh in order run all tests.
Marked DONE for now since they are < 3 mins on my macbook air

- |∇V - ∇U| - 0.01		    	      	      	   	 DONE
- iso3d/cniso3d.didert  (33s)					 DONE
-  iso3d/hiso3d.diderot	 (20 m ->28secs)	  	 DONE	
- iso3d/crviso3d.diderot(14 m->62 secs)			 DONE
- giso3d 	 	(22 m->70s)				 DONE
- iso3d/iso3d.diderot 	(6 m->66 secs)	L			 DONE
- viso3d/nhiso3d.diderot (5 m-> 92s)	L			 DONE

*******************************  Questions *******************************
- the type checker changed inner product rules  forces k's to be the same 
	ex. viso3d/nhiso3d.diderot 

***********************  Testing *******************************
-  "design a test that demonstrates the correctness of the result,	    Pending	
   because it matches what you get from doing the calculus by hand."
 Hessian of gradient magnitude or Canny edges
- Add regression test viso3d/resamp-cnm.diderot			    DONE
- Added regression tests for tensor-field ops, hessian-magnitude,..     DONE

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