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[diderot] Diff of /branches/charisee/src/compiler/basis/basis.sml
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Diff of /branches/charisee/src/compiler/basis/basis.sml

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revision 3188, Tue Mar 31 21:10:27 2015 UTC revision 3189, Thu Apr 2 18:49:21 2015 UTC
# Line 77  Line 77 
77            (N.fn_lerp, [BV.lerp5, BV.lerp3]),            (N.fn_lerp, [BV.lerp5, BV.lerp3]),
78            (N.fn_evals, [BV.evals2x2, BV.evals3x3]),            (N.fn_evals, [BV.evals2x2, BV.evals3x3]),
79            (N.fn_evecs, [BV.evecs2x2, BV.evecs3x3]),            (N.fn_evecs, [BV.evecs2x2, BV.evecs3x3]),
80            (N.fn_det,    [BV.fn_det_t2,BV.fn_det_f2,BV.fn_det_f3]),            (N.fn_det,    [BV.fn_det_t2,BV.fn_det_t3,BV.fn_det_f2,BV.fn_det_f3]),
81            (N.fn_sqrt, [BV.fn_sqrt_f,BV.fn_sqrt_t]),            (N.fn_sqrt, [BV.fn_sqrt_f,BV.fn_sqrt_t]),
82            (N.fn_cos,[BV.fn_cos_f]),            (N.fn_cos,[BV.fn_cos_f]),
83            (N.fn_acos,[BV.fn_acos_f]),            (N.fn_acos,[BV.fn_acos_f]),

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