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[diderot] Diff of /branches/charisee/src/compiler/c-target/c-target.sml
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Diff of /branches/charisee/src/compiler/c-target/c-target.sml

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revision 2690, Fri Aug 29 15:41:22 2014 UTC revision 2692, Mon Sep 8 22:57:47 2014 UTC
# Line 468  Line 468 
468                fun ppDecl dcl = PrintAsC.output(ppStrm, dcl)                fun ppDecl dcl = PrintAsC.output(ppStrm, dcl)
469                val strands = AtomTable.listItems strands                val strands = AtomTable.listItems strands
470                in                in
471                    (* List.app ppDecl (List.rev (!opr)); (*Just added *)*)  
472                  List.app ppDecl (List.rev (!globals));                  List.app ppDecl (List.rev (!globals));
473                   List.app ppDecl (List.rev (!opr));                   List.app ppDecl ( (!opr));
474                  List.app ppDecl (List.rev (!topDecls));                  List.app ppDecl (List.rev (!topDecls));
475                  (* List.app ppDecl (List.rev (!opr));*)  
476                  List.app (fn strand => List.app ppDecl (genStrand strand)) strands;                  List.app (fn strand => List.app ppDecl (genStrand strand)) strands;
477                  genStrandTable (ppStrm, strands);                  genStrandTable (ppStrm, strands);
478                  ppDecl (!initially);                  ppDecl (!initially);

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