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[diderot] Diff of /branches/charisee/src/compiler/c-util/c-names.sml
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Diff of /branches/charisee/src/compiler/c-util/c-names.sml

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revision 2665, Tue Jun 3 02:37:46 2014 UTC revision 2666, Wed Jun 4 01:59:49 2014 UTC
# Line 147  Line 147 
149      (*-------------- Function Names:String ---------------*)      (*-------------- Function Names:String ---------------*)
150      fun NameConsVec d=mkVec d      fun NameConsVec d="E"^mkVec d
151      fun NameLdVec(tyN,tyO)= String.concat["ldVec",q tyO,"to",q tyN]      fun NameLdVec(tyN,tyO)= String.concat["ldVec",q tyO,"to",q tyN]
152      fun NameMkVec d= String.concat["storeVec" ,q d]      fun NameMkVec d= String.concat["storeVec" ,q d]
153        fun NameLdVecA(tyN,tyO)= String.concat["ldVecAligned",q tyO,"to",q tyN]
154        fun NameMkVecA d= String.concat["storeVecAligned" ,q d]
155      fun NameSumV d= String.concat["sumVec" ,q d]      fun NameSumV d= String.concat["sumVec" ,q d]
156      fun NameScaV d= scale d      fun NameScaV d="E"^scale d
158      fun unionTy d= String.concat["Diderot_union",q d,"_t"]      fun unionTy d= String.concat["Diderot_union",q d,"_t"]

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