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[diderot] Diff of /branches/charisee/src/compiler/high-to-mid/high-to-mid.sml
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Diff of /branches/charisee/src/compiler/high-to-mid/high-to-mid.sml

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revision 2856, Thu Jan 15 01:42:24 2015 UTC revision 2857, Sun Jan 18 17:30:52 2015 UTC
# Line 158  Line 158 
158                        val s = Kernel.support h                        val s = Kernel.support h
159                        val dim=ImageInfo.dim  v                        val dim=ImageInfo.dim  v
160                        val(_,x,code)=TE.WorldToImagespace(dim,v,pos,img)                        val(_,x,code)=TE.WorldToImagespace(dim,v,pos,img)
162                        in code@[                        in code@[
163                              (result, DstIL.OP(DstOp.Inside(v, s), [x, img]))                              (result, DstIL.OP(DstOp.Inside(v, s), [x, img]))
164                              ]                              ]
# Line 260  Line 261 
261          val einargs=Env.renameList(env, args)          val einargs=Env.renameList(env, args)
262          val einapp=(y,DstIL.EINAPP(rator,einargs))          val einapp=(y,DstIL.EINAPP(rator,einargs))
263          val _=testp["\nOrigEInAPP- "^MidToString.printEINAPP einapp]          val _=testp["\nOrigEInAPP- "^MidToString.printEINAPP einapp]
         (*val einapp=handleE.zeroSweep einapp*)  
264          val (einapp2,newbies)= split.gettest einapp          val (einapp2,newbies)= split.gettest einapp
265          val code=List.map (fn e=>Probe.expandEinOp e) (newbies@[einapp2])          val code=List.map (fn e=>Probe.expandEinOp e) (newbies@[einapp2])
266          val flatcode= List.foldr op@ [] code          val flatcode= List.foldr op@ [] code

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