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[diderot] Diff of /branches/charisee/src/compiler/mid-to-low/step3.sml
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Diff of /branches/charisee/src/compiler/mid-to-low/step3.sml

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revision 2829, Wed Nov 12 23:24:38 2014 UTC revision 2830, Tue Nov 18 17:48:05 2014 UTC
# Line 234  Line 234 
234      end      end
236  (*Sum of Vector Product*)  (*Sum of Vector Product*)
 val dotVec=0  
238  fun mkprodSumVec(mapp,(id1,ix1,id2,ix2,vecIX, info as (lhs,_,_)))=(case dotVec  
239      of 0 =>let  fun mkprodSumVec(mapp,(id1,ix1,id2,ix2,vecIX, info as (lhs,_,_)))=let
240          val (vD,D)=mkprodVec(mapp,(id1,ix1,id2,ix2,vecIX, info))          val (vD,D)=mkprodVec(mapp,(id1,ix1,id2,ix2,vecIX, info))
241          val (vE, E)=aaV(DstOp.sumVec vecIX,[vD], lhs^"sumVec",DstTy.realTy)          val (vE, E)=aaV(DstOp.sumVec vecIX,[vD], lhs^"sumVec",DstTy.realTy)
242          in          in
243              (vE, D @E)              (vE, D @E)
244          end          end
     | _ => let  
         val (vA,A)= mkVec(mapp,(id1,ix1,vecIX,info))  
         val (vB,B)= mkVec(mapp,(id2,ix2,vecIX,info))  
         val (vE,E)=aaV(DstOp.dotVec vecIX,[vA,vB],lhs^ "dotVec",DstTy.realTy)  
             (vE, E)  
     (*end case*))  
247  (*Dot Product like summation *)  (*Dot Product like summation *)

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