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View of /branches/charisee/test/E-diffFields.diderot

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Revision 2525 - (download) (annotate)
Tue Jan 21 19:14:22 2014 UTC (5 years, 6 months ago) by cchiw
File size: 1536 byte(s)

image(3)[] img = load("../data/zimg112.nrrd");
//Scalar Fields
field#2(3)[] F = img ⊛ bspln3;
field#1(2)[] F2 = ctmr ⊛ load("../data/ddro-80.nrrd");

field#0(2)[] F4 = tent⊛ load("../data/ddro-80.nrrd");
//Vector Fields
field#1(2)[2] V = load("../data/turb2d.nrrd") ⊛ ctmr;
field#4(3)[] F3 = img ⊛ c4hexic;

field#1(2)[3] RGB = ctmr  ⊛ load("../data/txf/2d-bow.nrrd");

field#1(2)[] field1=F2*9;
real s= field1([6,7]);
vec2 gradA=[2,3];


field#4(3)[] field1=F3*9;
real s= field1([6,7,9]);
vec2 gradA=[2,3];

field#0(2)[] field1=F4*9;
real s= field1([6,7]);
vec2 gradA=[2,3];


field#0(2)[2] grad =∇F2;
vec2 gradA=grad([6,7]);
real s=9;

//Laplacian and Div has split problems

field#0(3)[] laplac =∇•∇F;
real s=laplac([5,6,7]);
vec2 gradA=s*[8,9];

field#0(2)[] D =∇•V;
field#0(2)[] div =D*9;
vec2 gradA=[6,7];
real m=div(gradA);
real s=m*9;

//Hessian of a Scalar Field
field#0(3)[3,3] hess1 =∇⊗∇F;
tensor [3,3] M=hess1([5,6,9]);

//Hessian of a Vector Field-ERROR

/*field#2(2)[2,2,2] A=∇⊗∇⊗V2;
tensor[2,2,2] B=A([0,2]);

//Curl 2-d
/*field#0(2)[] curl2 =∇×V;
real s=curl2([5,6]);
vec2 gradA=[s,s];

//Curl 3-d 
//Can't find a field to test curl 3-d on 
//field#1(2)[3] L=∇×RGB;

strand fieldTest (int row)
vec2 gradB=gradA*s;
//tensor [3,3] D=M*9;//Hessian Scalar
//tensor[2,2,2] C=B;//Hessian Vector



initially [ fieldTest( r) | r in 0..1];

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