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[diderot] Diff of /branches/charisee_dev/src/compiler/high-il/normalize-ein.sml
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Diff of /branches/charisee_dev/src/compiler/high-il/normalize-ein.sml

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revision 3350, Tue Oct 27 22:56:49 2015 UTC revision 3355, Thu Oct 29 22:08:40 2015 UTC
# Line 263  Line 263 
264      val _=testp["\n******** Start Normalize: \n",P.printerE ee,"\n*****\n"]      val _=testp["\n******** Start Normalize: \n",P.printerE ee,"\n*****\n"]
265      fun loop(body ,count) = let      fun loop(body ,count) = let
266          val _=raise Fail"do not use dev branch"          (*val _=raise Fail"do not use dev branch"*)
267          val _= testp["\n\n N =>",Int.toString(count),"--",P.printbody(body)]          val _= testp["\n\n N =>",Int.toString(count),"--",P.printbody(body)]
268          val body' = rewriteBody body          val body' = rewriteBody body

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