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[diderot] Diff of /branches/ein16/src/compiler/low-il/ein-to-low.sml
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Diff of /branches/ein16/src/compiler/low-il/ein-to-low.sml

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revision 3673, Thu Feb 11 20:03:26 2016 UTC revision 3677, Fri Feb 12 22:27:24 2016 UTC
# Line 28  Line 28 
28      fun evalField e= EtoFld.evalField e      fun evalField e= EtoFld.evalField e
29      fun intToReal n=H.intToReal n      fun intToReal n=H.intToReal n
30      fun testp p=(String.concat p)      fun testp p=(String.concat p)
31      val sca= true      val sca= false
33      (*dropIndex: a list-> int*a*alist      (*dropIndex: a list-> int*a*alist
34      * alpha::i->returns  length of list-1,i,alpha      * alpha::i->returns  length of list-1,i,alpha

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