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[diderot] Diff of /branches/ein16/synth/d2/obj_field.py
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Diff of /branches/ein16/synth/d2/obj_field.py

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revision 3945, Thu Jun 9 20:00:15 2016 UTC revision 3946, Sat Jun 11 00:39:19 2016 UTC
# Line 25  Line 25 
25          if (self==None):          if (self==None):
26              return "field is none"              return "field is none"
27          else:          else:
28              return (fty.toStr(self.fldty)+" "+self.name+"=",str(self.data))              return ("Field:"+fty.toStr(self.fldty)+" "+self.name+"="+str(self.data))
29      #equal id to fty      #equal id to fty
30      def isEq_id(a,b):      def isEq_id(a,b):
31          return (a.fldty.ty.id== b.id)          return (a.fldty.ty.id== b.id)

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