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[diderot] Diff of /branches/ein16/synth/d2/stash/results_final.txt
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Diff of /branches/ein16/synth/d2/stash/results_final.txt

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revision 4484, Fri Sep 2 20:10:56 2016 UTC revision 4485, Fri Sep 2 20:11:13 2016 UTC
# Line 374  Line 374 
374                  -_T_s |(t_s Rst: V-0 RA                  -_T_s |(t_s Rst: V-0 RA
375                  -_F_s_d1 |(t_s Rst: V-0 RA                  -_F_s_d1 |(t_s Rst: V-0 RA
376                  -_F_s_d2 |(t_s Rst: V-0 RA                  -_F_s_d2 |(t_s Rst: V-0 RA
377                    -_F_s_d3 |(t_s Rst: V-0 RAshape:t_v2
378                    -_T_v2 |(t_v2 Rst: V-0 RA
379                    -_F_v2_d1 |(t_v2 Rst: V-0 RA

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