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[diderot] Diff of /branches/lamont/src/compiler/c-target/c-target.sml
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Diff of /branches/lamont/src/compiler/c-target/c-target.sml

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revision 2091, Mon Nov 12 01:54:01 2012 UTC revision 2092, Mon Nov 12 15:34:03 2012 UTC
# Line 557  Line 557 
557                  ppDecl (GenInputs.genInputsStruct (tgt, !inputs));                  ppDecl (GenInputs.genInputsStruct (tgt, !inputs));
558                  List.app ppDecl (List.rev (!topDecls));                  List.app ppDecl (List.rev (!topDecls));
559                  List.app ppDecl (GenInputs.genExecInputFuns (tgt, !inputs));                  List.app ppDecl (GenInputs.genExecInputFuns (tgt, !inputs));
560                    List.app ppDecl (genStrand strand);
561           if(hasCom)           if(hasCom)
562                then ppDecl (CL.verbatim [QueriesFrag.text] substitutions)                then ppDecl (CL.verbatim [QueriesFrag.text] substitutions)
563                else ();                else ();
                 List.app ppDecl (genStrand strand);  
564                  List.app ppDecl outputs;                  List.app ppDecl outputs;
565                  ppStrandTable (ppStrm, [strand]);                  ppStrandTable (ppStrm, [strand]);
566           if(hasCom)           if(hasCom)

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