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[diderot] Diff of /branches/lamont/src/compiler/c-target/fragments/par-main.in
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Diff of /branches/lamont/src/compiler/c-target/fragments/par-main.in

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revision 2297, Fri Mar 15 22:05:31 2013 UTC revision 2298, Fri Mar 15 22:18:22 2013 UTC
# Line 31  Line 31 
31    // run the generated global initialization code    // run the generated global initialization code
32      if (wrld->verboseFlg)      if (wrld->verboseFlg)
33          fprintf (stderr, "initializing globals ...\n");          fprintf (stderr, "initializing globals ...\n");
34      @PREFIX@Initially (wrld);      if (@PREFIX@Initially (wrld)) {
35            fprintf(stderr, "Error getting initializing:\n%s\n", biffMsgStrGet(wrld->errors));
36            exit(1);
37        }
39      if (wrld->verboseFlg)      if (wrld->verboseFlg)
40          fprintf(stderr, "run with %d strands ...\n", wrld->numStrands);          fprintf(stderr, "run with %d strands ...\n", wrld->numStrands);

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