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View of /branches/lamont/test/sum-reduction/pvst.r

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Revision 2569 - (download) (annotate)
Tue Mar 25 20:26:57 2014 UTC (5 years, 5 months ago) by lamonts
File size: 1137 byte(s)
Potential fix to spatial speed up
#Load the data file with information strands and time infomration
timeData = read.table('parallel.dat',header=FALSE)

#The x axis will be the number of processors. 
processors = c(4,8,16,32,64)

#The colors for the graph 
graph_colors = c("blue","green","red","orange","purple")

#The number of strand lines 
strand_lines = 5

#The symbol for each point 
plot_sym = 15

t = seq(from = 0.03, to = 0.16, by = 0.01)

for (col in 1:strand_lines) {
    timeVec = c()
    for(row in 1:length(processors)){
      timeVec = c(timeVec,timeData[row,col])
    if(col == 1){
      plot(processors,timeVec,ann=FALSE, ylim=c(0.03, 0.07), type="b",xaxt="n",pch=plot_sym, col=graph_colors[1])
    }else {
      lines(processors,timeVec,type='b',pch=plot_sym, col=graph_colors[col])
#redefine the graph's x axos to include only the proccessors 

#add a title and subtitle 
title("Processors vs Execution Time (Sum Reduction)",  xlab="Processors", ylab="Time") 

# add a legend 
       pch=plot_sym, title="Number of Strands")

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