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[diderot] Diff of /branches/pure-cfg/TODO
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Diff of /branches/pure-cfg/TODO

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revision 788, Fri Apr 8 03:57:23 2011 UTC revision 789, Fri Apr 8 09:44:11 2011 UTC
# Line 2  Line 2 
2  SHORT TERM =============  (for curvature-based VR)  SHORT TERM =============  (for curvature-based VR)
3  ========================  ========================
5    For RGB color output of 2D transfer function (indexed by
6    kappa1,kappa2), or for a 1D transfer function, will need
7    something akin to convolution on vector images
9  IL support for higher-order tensor values (matrices, etc).  IL support for higher-order tensor values (matrices, etc).
10      tensor construction      tensor construction
11      tensor indexing and slicing      tensor indexing and slicing

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