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[diderot] Diff of /branches/pure-cfg/src/include/Diderot/options.h
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Diff of /branches/pure-cfg/src/include/Diderot/options.h

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revision 1237, Tue May 17 22:29:28 2011 UTC revision 1252, Sun May 22 22:11:07 2011 UTC
# Line 1  Line 1 
1  /*! \file options.h  /*! \file options.h
2   *   *
3   * \author John Reppy   * \author John Reppy, Gordon Kindlmann
4   */   */
6  /*  /*
# Line 11  Line 11 
11  #ifndef _DIDEROT_OPTIONS_H_  #ifndef _DIDEROT_OPTIONS_H_
12  #define _DIDEROT_OPTIONS_H_  #define _DIDEROT_OPTIONS_H_
14  void Diderot_InitOptions ();  typedef struct Diderot_Options_s *Diderot_Options_t;
16  void Diderot_OptAddFlag (char *name, bool *flg);  /* src/lib/common/input.c */
17  void Diderot_OptAddBool (char *name, bool *v, bool hasDflt);  Diderot_Options_t Diderot_Options_New ();
18  void Diderot_OptAddInt (char *name, Diderot_int_t *v, bool hasDflt);  void Diderot_Options_Nix (Diderot_Options_t dopts);
19  void Diderot_OptAddReal (char *name, Diderot_real_t *v, bool hasDflt);  
20  void Diderot_OptAddReal2 (char *name, Diderot_vec2_t *v, bool hasDflt);  void Diderot_OptProgramInfoSet (Diderot_Options_t dopts, const char *progInfo);
21  void Diderot_OptAddReal3 (char *name, Diderot_vec3_t *v, bool hasDflt);  
22  void Diderot_OptAddReal4 (char *name, Diderot_vec4_t *v, bool hasDflt);  void Diderot_OptAddFlag (Diderot_Options_t dopts,
23  void Diderot_OptAddString (char *name, char **v, bool hasDflt);                           const char *name, const char *desc, bool *flg);
24    void Diderot_OptAddBool (Diderot_Options_t dopts,
25                             const char *name, const char *desc, bool *v, bool hasDflt);
26    void Diderot_OptAddInt (Diderot_Options_t dopts,
27                            const char *name, const char *desc, Diderot_int_t *v, bool hasDflt);
28    void Diderot_OptAddReal (Diderot_Options_t dopts,
29                             const char *name, const char *desc, Diderot_real_t *v, bool hasDflt);
30    void Diderot_OptAddReal2 (Diderot_Options_t dopts,
31                              const char *name, const char *desc, Diderot_vec2_t *v, bool hasDflt);
32    void Diderot_OptAddReal3 (Diderot_Options_t dopts,
33                              const char *name, const char *desc, Diderot_vec3_t *v, bool hasDflt);
34    void Diderot_OptAddReal4 (Diderot_Options_t dopts,
35                              const char *name, const char *desc, Diderot_vec4_t *v, bool hasDflt);
36    void Diderot_OptAddString (Diderot_Options_t dopts,
37                               const char *name, const char *desc, char **v, bool hasDflt);
39  void Diderot_ProcessOptions (int argc, const char **argv);  void Diderot_ProcessOptions (Diderot_Options_t dopts, int argc, const char **argv);
41  #endif /* !_DIDEROT_OPTIONS_H_ */  #endif /* !_DIDEROT_OPTIONS_H_ */

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