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[diderot] Index of /branches/pure-cfg/test
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Index of /branches/pure-cfg/test

Files shown:40
Directory revision: 1565 (of 5594)
Sticky Revision:

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
 Parent Directory        
probe/  1371  9 years  jhr   merging changes from trunk
MIP/  1371  9 years  jhr   merging changes from trunk
ridge3d.diderot  1565  9 years  glk  and in 3D
rsmp2d.diderot  768  10 years  glk  removed HEY about fixed bug, and now with lerp
vr-kcomp2.diderot  1535  9 years  glk  now using stabilize
vr-MIP.diderot  776  10 years  glk  camera tweaks, and more consistent use of normalize
vr-rgb.diderot  771  10 years  glk  now using normalize and new dot
zslice-etest2.diderot  1560  9 years  glk  test for 2x2 eigensolve
vr-kcomp.diderot  1535  9 years  glk  now using stabilize
ridge2d.diderot  1564  9 years  glk  updated to show bug
zslice1.diderot  770  10 years  glk  used lerp where possible, other cosmetic changes
vr-MIP-test.diderot  776  10 years  glk  camera tweaks, and more consistent use of normalize
vr-phong.diderot  1070  9 years  glk  new convolution usage
zslice-k1k2.diderot  1101  9 years  glk  matrix subtraction works
vr-lite.diderot  1535  9 years  glk  now using stabilize
iso2d-cbrt.diderot  1040  9 years  glk  combining image loading and field convolution seems to work better now
ridge2d-bug.diderot  1563  9 years  glk  new bug
derivs2.diderot  981  9 years  glk  typos and tweaks
mip-cam.diderot  1105  9 years  glk  now have pi!
zslice-grad.diderot  770  10 years  glk  used lerp where possible, other cosmetic changes
vr-lite-cam.diderot  1551  9 years  jhr  fix unu recipe
run-tests.sh  477  10 years  jhr   Creating a branch to explore a pure CFG IL
zslice-hess.diderot  1303  9 years  jhr   Split uses of ∇ into scalar ∇ and tensor ∇⊗.
tinput.diderot  1495  9 years  jhr   Added a couple of test programs
derivs3.diderot  1127  9 years  jhr   Port updates from trunk
lic.diderot  1382  9 years  jhr   merging changes from trunk
triv.diderot  1496  9 years  jhr   simple tests
zslice-grad.sh  664  10 years  jhr   Remove adding extra C code
zslice1.sh  823  10 years  jhr   Get rid of unused extra-code.c file
zslice2.sh  1369  9 years  jhr   merging changes from trunk
ty-test.diderot  1153  9 years  jhr   Working on debugging value numbering
tracto.diderot  503  10 years  jhr   change "actor" to "strand" in test cases
zslice2.diderot  1352  9 years  jhr   misc
zslice-etest.diderot  1558  9 years  jhr   Added comment about checking output
zslice-eig.diderot  1506  9 years  jhr   Added test of eigenvalues
vr-curv-quad.diderot  1529  9 years  jhr   Use += etc.
tstablize.diderot  1550  9 years  jhr  fix comments
compile-all.sh  1230  9 years  jhr   Change "-log" to "--log"
illust-vr.diderot  1325  9 years  jhr   Tracking language change
fields.diderot  1109  9 years  jhr   remove BUG comment for a fixed bug
zslice-rgb.diderot  1398  9 years  lamonts  Removed embedded pointers on both the host and gpu side
iso2d.diderot  1454  9 years  nseltzer  Updated instructions for processing output.

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