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[diderot] Diff of /branches/pure-cfg/test/compile-all.sh
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Diff of /branches/pure-cfg/test/compile-all.sh

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revision 1153, Sat May 7 19:12:57 2011 UTC revision 1161, Mon May 9 16:40:35 2011 UTC
# Line 17  Line 17 
17  compile  mip-cam.diderot  compile  mip-cam.diderot
18  compile  rsmp2d.diderot  compile  rsmp2d.diderot
19  compile  t.diderot  compile  t.diderot
20  compile  tracto.diderot  #compile  tracto.diderot
21  #compile  ty-test.diderot  #compile  ty-test.diderot
22  compile  vr-MIP-test.diderot  compile  vr-MIP-test.diderot
23  #compile  vr-MIP.diderot  #compile  vr-MIP.diderot
24  compile  vr-curv-quad.diderot  compile  vr-curv-quad.diderot
25  compile  vr-kcomp.diderot  compile  vr-kcomp.diderot
26  compile  vr-kcomp2.diderot  #compile  vr-kcomp2.diderot
27  compile  vr-lite-cam.diderot  compile  vr-lite-cam.diderot
28  #compile  vr-lite.diderot  #compile  vr-lite.diderot
29  compile  vr-phong.diderot  compile  vr-phong.diderot

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