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[diderot] Diff of /branches/vis12-cl/TODO
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Diff of /branches/vis12-cl/TODO

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revision 2683, Mon Aug 25 18:56:17 2014 UTC revision 2707, Sat Sep 20 15:11:18 2014 UTC
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1  This to do for the Vis 2012 submission  This to do for the OpenCL support
3  3rd order tensors: 2x2x2 and 3x3x3 (done)  Think about what should go into a Diderot library.  We should probably allow applications
4    to get information about the available OpenCL devices, which means that the OpenCL info
5  dynamic-length sequences (done, except for loading and smart memory management)  needs to be revealed.
 curl 2D and 3D  
 support iteration over image indices  
 loading sequences  
 Plan for loading sequences  
 check proxy files when converting from AST to Simple representation; use default representations  
 when no proxy is specified.  
 get rid of lift/eval phases (although we might want to address the polyvariance of fields  
 at that stage)  
 Need to update nrrd info to allow for default representations where various properties  
 are not specified (origin and sizes).  
 We should just generate a compile-time warning about unused inputs.  
 Add a "snapshot" keyword to annotate strand state variables.  

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  Added in v.2707

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