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View of /branches/vis12-cl/rtest/README

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Sat Jul 27 13:55:03 2013 UTC (7 years, 8 months ago) by jhr
File size: 823 byte(s)
  Create branch for adding OpenCL to vis12 branch.  Based on r2401 of the vis12 branch.
These are regression tests for the Diderot compiler.  Each test lives in its
own directory under rtest/tests, data files live in the rtest/data directory.
Each test should have a sample output called "correct.nrrd" and a script
to assess the correctness of the output "assess.sh".

To run all of the tests, use the command scripts/run.sh.  It has the following

        scripts/run.sh [diderotc] [diderotc-flags] [-- runtime-flags]

As it runs, it writes progress information to standard out.  It also produces
two files.  A reprt file that summarizes the results and a log file that contains
any output from running the compiler or program (e.g., error messages).

To run a single test, use the command scripts/run-one.sh, which has the
following usage:

        scripts/run-one.sh test [diderotc] [diderotc-flags]

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