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[diderot] Diff of /branches/vis12/TODO
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Diff of /branches/vis12/TODO

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revision 2831, Tue Nov 18 22:23:30 2014 UTC revision 2837, Wed Nov 19 23:42:17 2014 UTC
# Line 10  Line 10 
11  Add a "snapshot" keyword to annotate strand state variables.  Add a "snapshot" keyword to annotate strand state variables.
 Options to control where output goes.  
 For programs with a single output, allow the following options  
         -o [file | -]           redirect output to file or stdout  
         --output [file | -]  
 Also, for any output variable var, allow  
         -o-var var'  
         --output-var var'  

Removed from v.2831  
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  Added in v.2837

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