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[diderot] Diff of /branches/vis12/bugs/open/NOTES
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Diff of /branches/vis12/bugs/open/NOTES

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revision 2820, Sun Nov 9 02:20:46 2014 UTC revision 2821, Sun Nov 9 02:34:48 2014 UTC
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1  Notes on the open bugs:  Notes on the open bugs:
3  bug007.diderot -- problem with tensor slicing (high-to-mid/high-to-mid.sml:251.41-251.60)  bug007.diderot -- no codegen support for tensor slices; Charisee's work will
4                      address this issue
6  bug010.diderot -- CFG issue with unreachable exit node  bug010.diderot -- CFG issue with unreachable exit node

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