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View of /branches/vis12/bugs/open/bug049.diderot

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Revision 3343 - (download) (annotate)
Thu Oct 22 14:15:20 2015 UTC (4 years, 8 months ago) by jhr
File size: 880 byte(s)
  update bugs

"float" and "double" are not allowed scalar types, according to the
grammar, so compiling this program should generate a syntax error, not

uncaught exception Fail [Fail: Strand types not supported in this branch!]
  raised at common/phase-timer.sml:78.50-78.52
  raised at common/phase-timer.sml:78.50-78.52
  raised at typechecker/typechecker.sml:1231.39
  raised at typechecker/typechecker.sml:187.43-187.92

As we add support for Lamont's branch, the IDs become valid type syntax (as in this
case).  The type checker should give an error message "unknown type float" for this.

input int foo = 1;
float bar = 3.3^foo;    // there is no "float" in Diderot
//double bar = 3.3^foo; // nor is there "double"

strand sfoo (int ii) {
  output real noop = 0.0;

  update {
    print("bar = ", bar, "\n");

initially [ sfoo(ii) | ii in 0..0 ];

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