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[diderot] Diff of /branches/vis12/configure.ac
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Diff of /branches/vis12/configure.ac

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revision 1720, Mon Mar 12 20:15:26 2012 UTC revision 1721, Mon Mar 12 20:19:29 2012 UTC
# Line 490  Line 490 
490  MK_BUILD_DIR(rt-c-d-par-debug, parallel, [parallel double debug])  MK_BUILD_DIR(rt-c-d-par-debug, parallel, [parallel double debug])
492  if test x"$CL_ENABLED" = xtrue ; then  if test x"$CL_ENABLED" = xtrue ; then
493    MK_BUILD_DIR(rt-cl-f, cl, [float])    MK_BUILD_DIR(rt-cl-f, cl, [exec float])
494    MK_BUILD_DIR(rt-cl-d, cl, [double])    MK_BUILD_DIR(rt-cl-d, cl, [exec double])
495    MK_BUILD_DIR(rt-cl-f-debug, cl, [float debug])    MK_BUILD_DIR(rt-cl-f-debug, cl, [exec float debug])
496    MK_BUILD_DIR(rt-cl-d-debug, cl, [double debug])    MK_BUILD_DIR(rt-cl-d-debug, cl, [exec double debug])
497  fi  fi

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