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[diderot] Diff of /branches/vis12/src/compiler/Makefile.in
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Diff of /branches/vis12/src/compiler/Makefile.in

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revision 1844, Sat Apr 14 12:11:31 2012 UTC revision 1852, Tue Apr 17 13:15:51 2012 UTC
# Line 93  Line 93 
93  .PHONY:         build  .PHONY:         build
94  build:          $(HEAP_IMAGE)  build:          $(HEAP_IMAGE)
96  $(HEAP_IMAGE):  $(HEAP_IMAGE):  .depend
97          $(ML_BUILD) $(ML_BUILD_FLAGS) $(ROOT_CM) Main.main $(PROGRAM)          $(ML_BUILD) $(ML_BUILD_FLAGS) $(ROOT_CM) Main.main $(PROGRAM)
98          touch $(HEAP_IMAGE)          touch $(HEAP_IMAGE)

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