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[diderot] Diff of /branches/vis12/src/compiler/basis/basis.sml
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Diff of /branches/vis12/src/compiler/basis/basis.sml

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revision 2164, Fri Feb 22 22:44:05 2013 UTC revision 2165, Fri Feb 22 22:44:32 2013 UTC
# Line 65  Line 65 
65            (N.op_mul, [BV.mul_ii, BV.mul_rr, BV.mul_rt, BV.mul_tr, BV.mul_rf, BV.mul_fr]),            (N.op_mul, [BV.mul_ii, BV.mul_rr, BV.mul_rt, BV.mul_tr, BV.mul_rf, BV.mul_fr]),
66            (N.op_div, [BV.div_ii, BV.div_rr, BV.div_tr, BV.div_tr]),            (N.op_div, [BV.div_ii, BV.div_rr, BV.div_tr, BV.div_tr]),
67            (N.op_exp, [BV.exp_ri, BV.exp_rr]),            (N.op_exp, [BV.exp_ri, BV.exp_rr]),
68              (N.op_curl, [BV.curl2D, BV.curl3D]),
69            (N.op_convolve, [BV.convolve_vk, BV.convolve_kv]),            (N.op_convolve, [BV.convolve_vk, BV.convolve_kv]),
70            (N.op_lt, [BV.lt_ii, BV.lt_rr]),            (N.op_lt, [BV.lt_ii, BV.lt_rr]),
71            (N.op_neg, [BV.neg_i, BV.neg_t, BV.neg_f]),            (N.op_neg, [BV.neg_i, BV.neg_t, BV.neg_f]),

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