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[diderot] Diff of /branches/vis12/src/compiler/c-target/c-target.sml
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Diff of /branches/vis12/src/compiler/c-target/c-target.sml

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revision 1721, Mon Mar 12 20:19:29 2012 UTC revision 1722, Mon Mar 12 20:49:07 2012 UTC
# Line 415  Line 415 
415                  ppStrandTable (ppStrm, [strand]);                  ppStrandTable (ppStrm, [strand]);
416                  ppDecl (CL.verbatim [CBodyFrag.text] substitutions);                  ppDecl (CL.verbatim [CBodyFrag.text] substitutions);
417                  ppDecl (CL.verbatim [InitFrag.text] substitutions);                  ppDecl (CL.verbatim [InitFrag.text] substitutions);
418    (* FIXME: the XXX_Init function needs to include code to initialize the globals with defaults *)
419                  ppDecl (CL.verbatim [AllocFrag.text] substitutions);                  ppDecl (CL.verbatim [AllocFrag.text] substitutions);
420                  ppDecl (!initially);                  ppDecl (!initially);
421                  ppDecl (CL.verbatim [RunFrag.text] substitutions);                  ppDecl (CL.verbatim [RunFrag.text] substitutions);

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