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[diderot] View of /branches/vis12/src/compiler/c-target/fragments/shutdown.in
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View of /branches/vis12/src/compiler/c-target/fragments/shutdown.in

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Revision 2807 - (download) (annotate)
Sat Nov 8 17:55:14 2014 UTC (6 years ago) by jhr
File size: 705 byte(s)
  Fix bug in shutdown fragment; proper tracking of HasGlobals property
//! shutdown and deallocate the world
void @PREFIX@Shutdown (@PREFIX@World_t *wrld)
    biffMsgNix (wrld->errors);
    FreeGlobals (wrld);
    FREE (wrld->globals);
    FREE (wrld->sched);

  // free strand objects
    for (int i = 0;  i < wrld->numStrands;  i++) {
	FREE (wrld->inState[i]);
	FREE (wrld->outState[i]);

  // free state arrays
    FREE (wrld->inState);
    FREE (wrld->outState);
    FREE (wrld->state);
    FREE (wrld->status);

  // free axis info
    FREE (wrld->base);
    FREE (wrld->size);

    FREE (wrld);

} // @PREFIX@Shutdown

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