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[diderot] Diff of /branches/vis12/src/include/Diderot/diderot.h
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Diff of /branches/vis12/src/include/Diderot/diderot.h

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revision 2068, Fri Nov 2 13:44:53 2012 UTC revision 2069, Fri Nov 2 13:49:51 2012 UTC
# Line 77  Line 77 
78  /* load image data from Nrrd files */  /* load image data from Nrrd files */
79  extern Status_t Diderot_SetImage1D (WorldPrefix_t *wrld, Nrrd *nin, Diderot_image1D_t **imgOut);  extern Status_t Diderot_SetImage1D (WorldPrefix_t *wrld, Nrrd *nin, Diderot_image1D_t **imgOut);
80  extern Status_t Diderot_LoadImage1D (WorldPrefix_t *wrld, Diderot_string_t name, Diderot_image1D_t **img);  extern Status_t Diderot_LoadImage1D (WorldPrefix_t *wrld, const char *name, Diderot_image1D_t **img);
81  extern Status_t Diderot_FreeImage1D (WorldPrefix_t *wrld, Diderot_image1D_t **img);  extern Status_t Diderot_FreeImage1D (WorldPrefix_t *wrld, Diderot_image1D_t **img);
82  extern Status_t Diderot_SetImage2D (WorldPrefix_t *wrld, Nrrd *nin, Diderot_image2D_t **imgOut);  extern Status_t Diderot_SetImage2D (WorldPrefix_t *wrld, Nrrd *nin, Diderot_image2D_t **imgOut);
83  extern Status_t Diderot_LoadImage2D (WorldPrefix_t *wrld, Diderot_string_t name, Diderot_image2D_t **img);  extern Status_t Diderot_LoadImage2D (WorldPrefix_t *wrld, const char *name, Diderot_image2D_t **img);
84  extern Status_t Diderot_FreeImage2D (WorldPrefix_t *wrld, Diderot_image2D_t **img);  extern Status_t Diderot_FreeImage2D (WorldPrefix_t *wrld, Diderot_image2D_t **img);
85  extern Status_t Diderot_LoadImage3D (WorldPrefix_t *wrld, Diderot_string_t name, Diderot_image3D_t **img);  extern Status_t Diderot_SetImage3D (WorldPrefix_t *wrld, Nrrd *nin, Diderot_image3D_t **imgOut);
86    extern Status_t Diderot_LoadImage3D (WorldPrefix_t *wrld, const char *name, Diderot_image3D_t **img);
87  extern Status_t Diderot_FreeImage3D (WorldPrefix_t *wrld, Diderot_image3D_t **img);  extern Status_t Diderot_FreeImage3D (WorldPrefix_t *wrld, Diderot_image3D_t **img);

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