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View of /branches/vis12/test/unicode-cheatsheet.diderot

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Sun Jan 22 15:23:36 2012 UTC (7 years, 8 months ago) by jhr
File size: 781 byte(s)
  Create a branch to implement things that we need for the Vis 2012 paper
/* useful unicode characters for Diderot

convolution, as in
field#2(3)[] F = bspln3 ⊛ load("img.nrrd");
LaTeX: \circledast is probably typical, but 
\varoast (with \usepackage{stmaryrd}) is slightly more legible

cross product, as in
vec3 camU = normalize(camN × camUp);
LaTeX: \times

Pi, as in
real rad = degrees*π/360.0;
LaTeX: \pi

Del, as in
vec3 grad = ∇F(pos);
LaTeX: \nabla

dot product, as in
real ld = norm • lightDir;
LaTeX: \bullet, although \cdot more typical for dot products

tensor product, as in
tensor[3,3] Proj = identity[3] - norm⊗norm
LaTeX: \otimes

Infinity, as in
output real val = -∞;
LaTeX: \infty


strand blah (int i) {
    output real out = 0.0;
    update { stabilize; }
initially [ blah(i) | i in 0..0 ];

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