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[diderot] Diff of /branches/vis15/configure.ac
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Diff of /branches/vis15/configure.ac

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revision 4127, Thu Jun 30 22:58:39 2016 UTC revision 4161, Mon Jul 4 18:06:36 2016 UTC
# Line 71  Line 71 
72  dnl extra compiler options  dnl extra compiler options
73  dnl  dnl
74  CXXFLAGS_BASE="$CXXFLAGS -Wreturn-type -Wuninitialized"  CXXFLAGS_BASE="-Wreturn-type -Wuninitialized"
76  AC_ARG_ENABLE([32-bit],  AC_ARG_ENABLE([32-bit],
77    AC_HELP_STRING([--enable-32-bit], [configure Diderot to produce 32-bit executables]),    AC_HELP_STRING([--enable-32-bit], [configure Diderot to produce 32-bit executables]),

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