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[diderot] Diff of /branches/vis15/configure.ac
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Diff of /branches/vis15/configure.ac

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revision 4665, Thu Sep 29 17:57:02 2016 UTC revision 4731, Tue Oct 11 22:28:37 2016 UTC
# Line 704  Line 704 
705    src/compiler/gen/fragments/mkmk.sh:src/compiler/gen/fragments/mkmk_sh.in    src/compiler/gen/fragments/mkmk.sh:src/compiler/gen/fragments/mkmk_sh.in
706  ], [chmod +x src/compiler/gen/fragments/mkmk.sh])  ], [chmod +x src/compiler/gen/fragments/mkmk.sh])
 ], [chmod +x src/tests/rtest/scripts/run.sh])  
 ], [chmod +x src/tests/rtest/scripts/run-one.sh])  
708  dnl  dnl
709  dnl generate makefiles for runtime library builds  dnl generate makefiles for runtime library builds

Removed from v.4665  
changed lines
  Added in v.4731

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