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View of /branches/vis15/src/compiler/TODO

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Revision 4487 - (download) (annotate)
Sat Sep 3 00:01:06 2016 UTC (2 years, 10 months ago) by jhr
File size: 2676 byte(s)
update TODO
Test case failures:

ertest/test2/detiso3d: bad result
**[check visualization]**

ertest/test2/gradient2-x3: bad result
**[compare with tests/synthetic/grad_inner_d2]**

High-priority things to fix:

Support for new/die

Global stabilize; semantics are to immediately stabilize all
active threads and then complete the global-update code before
terminating the program.  Also, need to ensure that any
globals that have been modified in the global block have been
saved before the stabilization.

Support for spatial queries:
  - parallel version

Support for global reductions
  - parallel version
  - fusion
  - variance

code generation for const variables

running initially methods in parallel target

Medium-priority things to fix:

Give a warning message for programs that do not have a call to either stabilize
or die in the update method.

Generate destructors for strand states and globals so that we
recover memory allocated for dynamic sequences and images.

Mechanism to dump basis library for documentation purposes

Improve parallel runtime in various ways:
  1) pre-allocate workers into a worker pool
  2) more efficient barrier sync and spin locks

Apply value numbering to globals to eliminate redundancy (e.g., inside3 test).

Do not update invariant state variables

Support vector arguments to user functions and strand-creation

Bad propagation of error type leads to an extra error message
Also, when overloading fails, we should print a list of candidates
(see bug008.diderot).

Better naming of meta variables in types when printing error messages.

Code generation improvements:
  complex conditionals
  more use of vector arithmetic
  constant propagation

Allow field definitions at strand scope; to do so means that we need
to prune them away later (since fields don't have a runtime
representation).  We will also need to introduce new shadow
parameters when the field is defined in terms of a parameter.
	strand S (real r) { field#2(3)[] G = r*F; ... }

Low-priority things to fix:

Typechecker overhaul: use poly-types for basis, but mono-types for
typechecking expressions (e.g., SimpleTypes).  Use matching instead
of unification.  This approach would require passing the expected type
down into expression checking, but would allow a richer notation for
poly types (e.g., min constraints).

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