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[diderot] Diff of /branches/vis15/src/compiler/common/timers.sml
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Diff of /branches/vis15/src/compiler/common/timers.sml

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revision 3813, Wed May 4 13:20:06 2016 UTC revision 3814, Wed May 4 14:26:07 2016 UTC
# Line 15  Line 15 
15      val timeTypechecker = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeFront, "typechecker")      val timeTypechecker = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeFront, "typechecker")
16      val timeSimplify = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeFront, "simplify")      val timeSimplify = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeFront, "simplify")
17      val timeTranslate = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeCompiler, "translate")      val timeTranslate = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeCompiler, "translate")
18      val timeHigh = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeCompiler, "High IL optimization")      val timeHigh = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeCompiler, "High IR optimization")
19      val timeHighVN = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeHigh, "High IL value numbering")      val timeHighVN = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeHigh, "High IR value numbering")
20      val timeHighNorm = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeHigh, "High IL normalization")      val timeHighNorm = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeHigh, "High IR normalization")
21      val timeHighCheck = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeHigh, "High IL checking")      val timeHighCheck = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeHigh, "High IR checking")
22      val timeMid = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeCompiler, "Mid IL optimization")      val timeHighToMid = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeCompiler, "High to Mid translation")
23      val timeMidContract = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeMid, "Mid IL contraction")      val timeMid = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeCompiler, "Mid IR optimization")
24      val timeMidVN = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeMid, "Mid IL value numbering")      val timeMidContract = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeMid, "Mid IR contraction")
25      val timeMidBorderCtl = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeMid, "Mid IL border control")      val timeMidVN = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeMid, "Mid IR value numbering")
26      val timeMidCheck = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeMid, "Mid IL checking")      val timeMidBorderCtl = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeMid, "Mid IR border control")
27      val timeLow = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeCompiler, "Low IL optimization")      val timeMidCheck = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeMid, "Mid IR checking")
28      val timeLowContract = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeLow, "Low IL contraction")      val timeMidToLow = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeCompiler, "Mid to Low translation")
29      val timeLowVN = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeLow, "Low IL value numbering")      val timeLow = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeCompiler, "Low IR optimization")
30      val timeLowCheck = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeLow, "Low IL checking")      val timeLowContract = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeLow, "Low IR contraction")
31        val timeLowVN = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeLow, "Low IR value numbering")
32        val timeLowCheck = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeLow, "Low IR checking")
33        val timeLowToTree = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeCompiler, "Low to Tree translation")
34      val timeCodegen = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeCompiler, "code generation")      val timeCodegen = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeCompiler, "code generation")
     val timeLowToTree = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeCodegen, "Low IL to Tree IL")  
35      val timeCC = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeCodegen, "C compiler")      val timeCC = PhaseTimer.newPhase (timeCodegen, "C compiler")
37    end    end

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