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[diderot] Diff of /branches/vis15/src/compiler/target-cpu/gen.sml
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Diff of /branches/vis15/src/compiler/target-cpu/gen.sml

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revision 4450, Mon Aug 22 18:33:57 2016 UTC revision 4451, Mon Aug 22 18:34:43 2016 UTC
# Line 181  Line 181 
181            in            in
182              pp (#hasStabilizeMeth spec, "DIDEROT_HAS_STABILIZE");              pp (#hasStabilizeMeth spec, "DIDEROT_HAS_STABILIZE");
183              pp (TargetSpec.dualState spec, "DIDEROT_DUAL_STATE");              pp (TargetSpec.dualState spec, "DIDEROT_DUAL_STATE");
184                pp (TargetSpec.indirectState spec, "DIDEROT_INDIRECT_STATE");
185              pp (not(#hasGlobals spec), "DIDEROT_NO_GLOBALS");              pp (not(#hasGlobals spec), "DIDEROT_NO_GLOBALS");
186              pp (not(#hasInputs spec), "DIDEROT_NO_INPUTS");              pp (not(#hasInputs spec), "DIDEROT_NO_INPUTS");
187              pp (#hasCom spec, "DIDEROT_HAS_STRAND_COMMUNICATION");              pp (#hasCom spec, "DIDEROT_HAS_STRAND_COMMUNICATION");

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