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[diderot] Diff of /branches/vis15/src/compiler/target-cpu/gen.sml
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Diff of /branches/vis15/src/compiler/target-cpu/gen.sml

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revision 3992, Fri Jun 17 22:06:13 2016 UTC revision 3993, Fri Jun 17 22:09:06 2016 UTC
# Line 258  Line 258 
258                  GenOutputsUtil.genRegisterOutputOpts (env, OutputUtil.gatherOutputs prog)));                  GenOutputsUtil.genRegisterOutputOpts (env, OutputUtil.gatherOutputs prog)));
259  *)[]));  *)[]));
260              GenLibraryUtil.foot (outS, substitutions);              GenLibraryUtil.foot (outS, substitutions);
261    (* FIXME: generate the extern "C" decls for the exported functions *)
262            (* generate main function after closing off the namespace *)            (* generate main function after closing off the namespace *)
263              ppDecl (verbFrag (spec, Fragments.parallelMain, Fragments.sequentialMain, substitutions));              ppDecl (verbFrag (spec, Fragments.parallelMain, Fragments.sequentialMain, substitutions));
264              Out.closeOut outS;              Out.closeOut outS;

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