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[diderot] Diff of /branches/vis15/src/compiler/target-cpu/gen.sml
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Diff of /branches/vis15/src/compiler/target-cpu/gen.sml

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revision 3915, Fri May 27 21:32:46 2016 UTC revision 3916, Sat May 28 12:01:02 2016 UTC
# Line 51  Line 51 
51              ("DIDEROTC_VERSION",        #version spec),              ("DIDEROTC_VERSION",        #version spec),
52              ("DIDEROT_FLOAT_PRECISION", TargetSpec.floatPrecisionDef spec),              ("DIDEROT_FLOAT_PRECISION", TargetSpec.floatPrecisionDef spec),
53              ("DIDEROT_INT_PRECISION",   TargetSpec.intPrecisionDef spec),              ("DIDEROT_INT_PRECISION",   TargetSpec.intPrecisionDef spec),
54              ("DIDEROT_TARGET",          TargetSpec.targetDef spec)              ("DIDEROT_TARGET",          TargetSpec.targetDef spec),
55                ("REALTY",                  if #double spec then "double" else "float"),
56                ("INTTY",                   if #longint spec then "int64_t" else "int32_t")
57            ]            ]
59      fun condCons (true, x, xs) = x::xs      fun condCons (true, x, xs) = x::xs
# Line 181  Line 183 
183                  GenInputs.genExecInputFuns (env, prog) @                  GenInputs.genExecInputFuns (env, prog) @
184                  OutputUtil.genRegisterOutputOpts (env, OutputUtil.gatherOutputs prog)));                  OutputUtil.genRegisterOutputOpts (env, OutputUtil.gatherOutputs prog)));
185              ppDecl (verbFrag (spec, Fragments.parallelMain, Fragments.sequentialMain, substitutions));              ppDecl (verbFrag (spec, Fragments.parallelMain, Fragments.sequentialMain, substitutions));
186              GenExecUtil.execFoot outS;              GenExecUtil.execFoot (outS, substitutions);
187              Out.closeOut outS;              Out.closeOut outS;
188              compile (spec, baseName);              compile (spec, baseName);
189              RunCC.linkExec (baseName, ldFlags spec)              RunCC.linkExec (baseName, ldFlags spec)

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