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[diderot] View of /branches/vis15/src/compiler/target-cpu/gen.sml
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View of /branches/vis15/src/compiler/target-cpu/gen.sml

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Revision 3916 - (download) (annotate)
Sat May 28 12:01:02 2016 UTC (4 years, 2 months ago) by jhr
File size: 7720 byte(s)
  Working on merge: code generation
(* gen.sml
 * Code generation for the sequential and parallel targets.
 * COPYRIGHT (c) 2016 The Diderot Project (http://diderot-language.cs.uchicago.edu)
 * All rights reserved.

structure Gen : sig

    val exec : TargetSpec.t * TreeIR.program -> unit

    val library : TargetSpec.t * TreeIR.program -> unit

  end = struct

    structure IR = TreeIR
    structure CL = CLang
    structure Env = CodeGenEnv
    structure Out = CodeOutput
    structure RN = CxxNames

    val openCxxOut = Out.openOut {ext = "cxx", ppDecl = PrintAsCxx.output}

    fun mkEnv spec = if TargetSpec.dualState spec
	  then Env.new {
	      global = RN.globalsVar,
	      selfIn = RN.selfInVar,
	      selfOut = RN.selfOutVar,
	      spec = spec
	  else Env.new {
	      global = RN.globalsVar,
	      selfIn = RN.selfVar,
	      selfOut = RN.selfVar,
	      spec = spec

  (* create the target-specific substitution list *)
    fun mkSubs (spec, IR.Strand{name, ...}) = [
	    ("CFILE",			OS.Path.joinBaseExt{base= #outBase spec, ext= SOME "c"}),
	    ("CXXFILE",			OS.Path.joinBaseExt{base= #outBase spec, ext= SOME "cxx"}),
	    ("HDRFILE",			OS.Path.joinBaseExt{base= #outBase spec, ext= SOME "h"}),
	    ("PREFIX",			#namespace spec),
	    ("SRCFILE",			#srcFile spec),
	    ("PROG_NAME",		#outBase spec),
	    ("STRAND",			Atom.toString name),
	    ("STRANDTY",		Atom.toString name ^ "_strand"),
	    ("DIDEROTC_CMD",		#diderotc spec),
	    ("DIDEROTC_ARGV",		String.concatWith " " (#argv spec)),
	    ("DIDEROTC_VERSION",	#version spec),
	    ("DIDEROT_FLOAT_PRECISION",	TargetSpec.floatPrecisionDef spec),
	    ("DIDEROT_INT_PRECISION",	TargetSpec.intPrecisionDef spec),
	    ("DIDEROT_TARGET",		TargetSpec.targetDef spec),
	    ("REALTY",			if #double spec then "double" else "float"),
	    ("INTTY",			if #longint spec then "int64_t" else "int32_t")

    fun condCons (true, x, xs) = x::xs
      | condCons (false, _, xs) = xs

    fun verbFrag (spec, parFrag, seqFrag, subs) =
	  CL.verbatimDcl [if (TargetSpec.isParallel spec) then parFrag else seqFrag] subs

    fun runFrag (false, spec, subs) =
	  verbFrag (spec, Fragments.parallelRun, Fragments.sequentialRun, subs)
      | runFrag (true, spec, subs) =
	  verbFrag (spec, Fragments.parallelRunNoBSP, Fragments.sequentialRunNoBSP, subs)

    fun compile (spec : TargetSpec.t, basename) = let
	(* generate the C compiler flags *)
	  val cflags = ["-I" ^ Paths.diderotInclude(), "-I" ^ Paths.teemInclude()]
	  val cflags = condCons (TargetSpec.isParallel spec, #pthread Paths.cxxflags, cflags)
	  val cflags = if #debug spec
		then #debug Paths.cxxflags :: cflags
		else #ndebug Paths.cxxflags :: cflags
	  val cflags = #base Paths.cxxflags :: cflags
	    RunCC.compile (basename, cflags)

    fun ldFlags (spec : TargetSpec.t) = if #exec spec
	  then let
	    val extraLibs = condCons (TargetSpec.isParallel spec, #pthread Paths.extraLibs, [])
	    val extraLibs = Paths.teemLinkFlags() @ #base Paths.extraLibs :: extraLibs
	    val rtLib = TargetSpec.runtimeLibName spec
	      condCons (TargetSpec.isParallel spec, #pthread Paths.cxxflags, rtLib :: extraLibs)
	  else [TargetSpec.runtimeLibName spec]

  (* generate source code that is common to both libraries and standalone executables *)
    fun outputSrc (outS, spec, prog, strand, substitutions, genInputCode) = ()
    fun outputSrc (outS, spec, prog, strand, substitutions, genInputCode) = let
	  val IR.Program{globals, create, ...} = prog
	(* does the program require barrier synchronization to implement BSP semantics? *)
	  val noBSP = TargetSpec.noBSP spec
	  val Strand{output, ...} = strand
	  val outputs = GenOutput.gen (props, !nAxes) output
	  fun ppDecl dcl = Out.decl outS
	    if (TargetSpec.isParallel spec)
	      then ppDecl (CL.verbatimDcl [CHeadParExtraFrag.text] substitutions)
	      else ();
	    if TargetSpec.dualState spec
	      then ppDecl (CL.D_Verbatim ["#define DIDEROT_DUAL_STATE\n"])
	      else ();
	    if not(#hasGlobals spec)
	      then ppDecl (CL.D_Verbatim ["#define DIDEROT_NO_GLOBALS\n"])
	      else ();
	    if not(#hasInputs spec)
	      then ppDecl (CL.D_Verbatim ["#define DIDEROT_NO_INPUTS\n"])
	      else ();
	    List.app ppDecl (genGlobalStruct (props, !globals));
	    ppDecl (genWorldStruct(prog, strand));
	    List.app ppDecl (genInputCode());
	    List.app ppDecl (!topDecls);
	    List.app ppDecl (genStrand strand);
	    List.app ppDecl outputs;
	    ppStrandTable (out, [strand]);
	    ppDecl (CL.verbatimDcl [InitFrag.text] substitutions);
	    ppDecl (CL.verbatimDcl [AllocFrag.text] substitutions);
	    ppDecl (!initially);
	    ppDecl (runFrag (noBSP, props, substitutions));
	    ppDecl (CL.verbatimDcl [ShutdownFrag.text] substitutions)

        fun outputLibSrc (baseName, prog as Prog{props, inputs, strands, ...}) = let
              val [strand] = AtomTable.listItems strands
              val substitutions = mkSubs (props, strand)
            (* output to C file *)
              val out = openOut baseName
              fun ppDecl dcl = PrintAsC.output(#ppStrm out, dcl)
                ppDecl (CL.verbatimDcl [LibHdrFrag.text] substitutions);
                List.app ppDecl (GenInputs.genDefinedInpStruct (props, !inputs));
                outputSrc (out, prog, strand, substitutions,
                  fn () => GenInputs.genInputFuns(props, !inputs));
                ppDecl (CL.verbatimDcl [CBodyFrag.text] substitutions);
                closeOut out

        fun generateLib (prog as Prog{props, inputs, strands, ...}) = let
              val {outDir, outBase, exec, double, debug, ...} = props
              val basename = OS.Path.joinDirFile{dir=outDir, file=outBase}
              val [Strand{state, output, ...}] = AtomTable.listItems strands
              (* generate the library .h file *)
                GenLibraryInterface.gen {
                    props = props,
                    rt = if TargetSpec.isParallel spec
                      then SOME LibInterfaceParFrag.text
                      else NONE,
                    inputs = !inputs,
                    outputs = output
              (* *)
                outputLibSrc (basename, prog);
              (* compile and link *)
                compile (props, basename);
                RunCC.linkLib (basename, ldFlags props)

    fun exec (spec : TargetSpec.t, prog) = let
	  val IR.Program{inputs, strand, ...} = prog
	  val env = mkEnv spec
	  val baseName = OS.Path.joinDirFile{dir = #outDir spec, file = #outBase spec}
	  val substitutions = mkSubs (spec, strand)
	(* output to C++ file *)
	  val outS = openCxxOut baseName
	  val ppDecl = Out.decl outS
	  val fragment = Out.fragment substitutions outS
	    GenExecUtil.execHead (outS, substitutions);
	    outputSrc (outS, spec, prog, strand, substitutions,
	      fn () => (
		GenInputs.genInputsStruct (env, inputs) @
		GenInputs.genExecInputFuns (env, prog) @
		OutputUtil.genRegisterOutputOpts (env, OutputUtil.gatherOutputs prog)));
	    ppDecl (verbFrag (spec, Fragments.parallelMain, Fragments.sequentialMain, substitutions));
	    GenExecUtil.execFoot (outS, substitutions);
	    Out.closeOut outS;
	    compile (spec, baseName);
	    RunCC.linkExec (baseName, ldFlags spec)

    fun library (spec : TargetSpec.t, prog) = let
	  val IR.Program{
		  props, target, consts, inputs, constInit,
		  globals, globalInit, strand, create, update
		} = prog
	  val {outDir, outBase, exec, double, debug, ...} = spec
	  val env = mkEnv spec
	    raise Fail "FIXME"


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