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[diderot] Diff of /branches/vis15/src/compiler/translate/analyze-simple.sml
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Diff of /branches/vis15/src/compiler/translate/analyze-simple.sml

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revision 4490, Sat Sep 3 01:10:16 2016 UTC revision 4491, Sat Sep 3 01:40:21 2016 UTC
# Line 218  Line 218 
218              setGlobalsOfBlock (blk, !globals)              setGlobalsOfBlock (blk, !globals)
219            end            end
221      fun analyze (S.Program{constInit, funcs, globInit, strand, create, init, update, ...}) = let      fun analyze (S.Program{constInit, funcs, globInit, strand, create, start, update, ...}) = let
222            val S.Strand{stateInit, initM, updateM, stabilizeM, ...} = strand            val S.Strand{stateInit, startM, updateM, stabilizeM, ...} = strand
223            in            in
224              analyzeBlock ConstInit constInit;              analyzeBlock ConstInit constInit;
225              List.app (fn (S.Func{f, body, ...}) => analyzeBlock UserFunc body) funcs;              List.app (fn (S.Func{f, body, ...}) => analyzeBlock UserFunc body) funcs;
226              analyzeBlock GlobalInit globInit;              analyzeBlock GlobalInit globInit;
227              analyzeBlock StateInit stateInit;              analyzeBlock StateInit stateInit;
228              Option.app (analyzeBlock InitMeth) initM;              Option.app (analyzeBlock InitMeth) startM;
229              analyzeBlock UpdateMeth updateM;              analyzeBlock UpdateMeth updateM;
230              Option.app (analyzeBlock StabilizeMeth) stabilizeM;              Option.app (analyzeBlock StabilizeMeth) stabilizeM;
231              Create.app (analyzeBlock Create) create;              Create.app (analyzeBlock Create) create;
232              Option.app (analyzeBlock GlobalUpdate) init;              Option.app (analyzeBlock GlobalUpdate) start;
233              Option.app (analyzeBlock GlobalUpdate) update              Option.app (analyzeBlock GlobalUpdate) update
234            end            end

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