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[diderot] Diff of /branches/vis15/src/lib/include/diderot/diderot.hxx
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Diff of /branches/vis15/src/lib/include/diderot/diderot.hxx

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revision 3903, Mon May 23 18:41:05 2016 UTC revision 3904, Mon May 23 18:44:15 2016 UTC
# Line 18  Line 18 
19  #include "base.hxx"  #include "base.hxx"
20  #include "options.hxx"  #include "options.hxx"
21  #include "image.hxx"  #include "diderot/image.hxx"
22  #include "kdtree.hxx"  #include "diderot/kdtree.hxx"
24  template <typename REAL>  template <typename REAL>
25  int eigenvals (mat2x2<REAL>, REAL eval[2]);  int eigenvals (mat2x2<REAL>, REAL eval[2]);

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