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[smlnj] Diff of /cml/trunk/CHANGES
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Diff of /cml/trunk/CHANGES

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sml/trunk/src/cml/CHANGES revision 1368, Sat Sep 13 04:44:43 2003 UTC cml/trunk/CHANGES revision 2229, Fri Dec 8 04:30:18 2006 UTC
# Line 1  Line 1 
1  This is a record of changes made to CML and the CML Library.  This is a record of changes made to CML and the CML Library.
2  ------------------------------------------------------------  ------------------------------------------------------------
4    [2006-12-07]
5            Carried over the fix to the SOCKET signature.
7    [2006-05-04]
8            Fixed bug with iGetPoll, mTakePoll, and mGetPoll.  In some cases, the
9            atomic region was not being closed properly.  The iGetPoll and mGetPoll
10            operations just read the value field now, since there is reads are
11            atomic.
13    [2006-02-27]
14            Fixed bug with the combination of withNack and never, where the
15            negative acknowledgement is never generated.  Thanks to Heath
16            Putnam for the bug report and fix.
18    [2005-02-28]
19            Fixed serious bug in structure Atom. (Must use mvar, not mailbox!)
21    [2005-02-24]
22            Reuse signature ATOM from $/smlnj-lib.cm, thus tracking all changes.
23            Implement structure Atom in terms of structure Atom in $/smlnj-lib.cm
24            by protecting access to the global hashtable using an mbox lock.
25            Atoms can now be created (sequentially) prior to calling RunCML.doit.
27    [2004-11-24]
28            Made the IO implementation agnostic of size of Position.int.
29            (Now compiles with either Position = Int31 or Position = Int64.)
31    [2003-09-23]
32            Accounted for changes to socket API in Basis. (Non-blocking
33            behavior is no longer a stateful property of a socket.  Instead,
34            there are non-blocking versions of most functions in the
35            interface.  This simplifies the CML code since it no longer
36            has to do OS-specific handling of "wouldblock" etc.
37            On the other hand, (trivial) CML implementations of those
38            non-blocking operations had to be added.)
40  [2003-09-12]  [2003-09-12]
41          Accounted for changed type of inputLine.          Accounted for changed type of inputLine.

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